This is my story. Believe it or not! Hi guys my name is David and I have been a caregiver at a nursing home for over 20 years. My story begins with a 45 year old male who truly enjoyed working with all the folks within the nursing home. I am friends with everyone there and they all know me as  Super Dave! I guess it helps that I used to be a pro bodybuilder and have still been able to maintain a majority of my shape.

I know that that won’t last forever and what I do care about is people and travel! In April of 2014, I became a very wealthy man overnight… How you ask? Well, I like to say by the grace of God and with sheer luck! It all started that very morning when I had a funny feeling of playing the lottery. I never really played before and figured what the heck. Well long story short, that very night I was blessed enough to have the winning ticket!

I didn’t even know what the winnings were and to my flabbergasted surprise, the grand total was two hundred million!!! Of course, I soon found out that I would only be receiving half of that but I’m not complaining.