What is up ladies and gentlemen! Check out my new travel website called nwcaregiver.com. I am so pleased to be updating you guys once in awhile in accordance to my travels! It’s truly a blessing to be able to have this opportunity. You can understand what I mean by checking out my about page here.  Come join me on my adventures and please feel free to share with your friends and family!

My goal is to be able to use this blog as an inspirational tool to enlighten those who truly love world travel and have a curiosity of what is out there. I am a down to earth country boy from the Northwest and i used to be a caregiver for 20 years. I loved what I did and truly have a heart for those who need tender hearted care. However, a god sent fortune last year truly changed everything and has allowed me to ignite my other passion, which is traveling the globe.

So let us love life and get the party started! Come with me as we travel and I share my experiences of culture and travel.