Traveling has become a necessity in our modern life and it certainly has been a part of my lifestyle as of my recent fortune. I decided to explore my traveling passion considering that the world is too beautiful to be left uncovered. I have been traveling to many places in different countries on this planet and every tourist destination seems to offer their own uniqueness. Thus, if you ask me about the best travel experience of my life so far, I find it rather hard to answer. For me, almost every place I have visited are fantastic and they have the right to stay in my memory in my head.

I have visited many incredible places in a short period of time. It is quite easy to recall the beauty of the place and the amazing experience I had in each destination. I have been to Tibet and  there are many things I can remember about this fantastic place! I have to say that the wonderful people of Tibet has won most of my heart. Traveling to this place easily made me feel like home. There are many religious temples in Tibet, I first thought they are fantastic structures. However, when I continued my journey to Cambodia, I was amazed by the Angkor Wat. I have to say that this temple area is the most spectacular one I have ever seen.

In the world of traveling, there are many types of leisure activities you can do to make the most of your vacation. I find hiking very refreshing and amusing. So far, I have gone to many incredible hiking spots. Hiking has indeed become my favorite exercise for cardiovascular health!

When it comes to choosing the destination for my next travel, I tend to take my passion into account. For example, when I feel like to get in touch to my natural side, I decided to visit Antarctica. From all the tourist destinations in my list, this place is very attractive for its pristine nature. It gave me a great opportunity to witness many different carefree wildlife.

Every traveling spot has their own unique culinary. I try hard not to miss to explore the traditional or distinctive foods of every place I visit. If you ask me about the best place that serves me the best food, I have to point out Italy. This country is obviously a great destination for the travelers who love soccer. More interestingly, the food in Italy is both tempting and amazing.