It is without a doubt that this planet is home to an array of incredible and stunning places to visit. This is one the main reasons why I love traveling so much. I just couldn’t help myself from spending my energy, money and time on visiting numerous great places in this world. I have been traveling around the world for many years and pointing one of them as the most memorable traveling experience seems like a daunting task. It would be a lot easier for me to share my experiences in different places and let anyone else decide which is the best. For me, every destination has its own characteristics and I find each of them memorable.

Asia is a great continent for you to spend your vacation. There are many countries in Asia that are worth your time where each country offers unique travel experiences. The first Asian country I visited was Hong Kong. I spent almost a week in this place and visited a number of pleasant tourist hotspots. I was sure to pick up a souvenir for my friend’s husband who was actually stationed in Hong Kong for a short time in the military. He now owns a tow truck company in Texas and wanted for me so badly to bring him back a t shirt! After my lovely stay Hong Kong, I continued my travel to Japan and India. In these two Asian countries, I was amazed by the contrasts they showed. Asia has the best diving spots ever. I had memorable diving experience in Philippines. First, I thought this country has the best diving spots in the world. But, when I visited Raja Ampat, Papua, Indonesia, they have much greater spots for stunning diving experience.

Most travelers would simply head to South Africa to have a taste of the best wildlife experience through their safari. I found it very attractive, exciting as well as nerve-wrecking by the time I had my first encounter with the wildlife in person. But, when I visited Kalimantan or Borneo island in Indonesia, I has a more unique wildlife experience. I visited the areas of the orangutans preservation and interacting with the orangutans stays in my memory forever.

One of the most common and refreshing leisure activities in visiting beautiful beaches. There are so many things you can do in this refreshing area like swimming, sunbathing, water sports and many others. Many travelers say that Barbados ad Seychelles have the most beautiful beaches in the world. But, I believe that those people never actually visit the island of Bali in Indonesia. This small island in surrounded by gorgeous beaches. Thanks to the development of infrastructure in this Indonesian island, reaching those beaches has become a lot easier and more convenient. Almost all the beautiful beaches in Bali are complemented by world class hotels and restaurants. I had a great sunset experience while in Kuta beach and I find it hard to remove it from my memory. I have visited this island more than a couple of times but I still have more plans to visit this place in the future. Until next time! I’m tired and need some shut eye.